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ALEXANDEB  YON"  HUMBOLDT.                10&
pursuits. He had often felt and expressed the desire
to live together with him from whom he had always
been separated, although their characters were so
similar, their talents so nearly allied, that they com-
pleted and assisted each other, and although most
tender affection united them. He had determined to
live for his brother William, when the king summoned
him to Berlin.
In the autumn of 1826, Alexander von Humboldt
Tyent to Berlin to satisfy his king's wish, and to
announce his approaching removal to his brother
"William. He only remained till the middle of De-
cember, as the change of residencef required his
presence in Paris, to arrange the commenced and
projected scientific plans, to prepare his instruments
and collections for the journey, and to design many
works which his friends were to complete.
He was  on the point of returning to his Prussian
fatherland, in   February,  1827,  when   a visit  from
Berlin temporarily gave a new direction to his move-
ments.    The count Bulow—William von Humboldt's
son-in-law, who had accompanied him to London, as-
secretary of legation on his embassy, in 1827,  and
had married his daughter Gabriele, in 1821—had just
been, appointed ambassador to London, and was now
proceeding to his post through Paris, without his wife
and family, when he found a companion in Alexander
von  Humboldt.     In  London,  Alexander was roost
honourably and kindly received by Canning ; he, how-
ever, did not remain long there, but continued his
journey to Berlin, through Hanabtirg.     On the 21st
May,   1827,   William  writes  to   his  friend  Gentz:
"Alexander is here also, and has taken up his residence.
He is more active and lively than ever, and we often
speak of you/*
Henceforward, Alexander remained in Berlin^
though not uninterruptedly ; he lived in the imme-
diate neighbourhood of the king, and was often with
Mm in Potsdam, accompanied him on his journeys,
and only proceeded once a year, for some time., to the